"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world "

Our Vision

Wisemen Publications aims at preparing and producing world class learning material at an effective cost. Our entire range reflects the standard of in-depth research our authors have carried out while preparing the manuscript of each book. We aspire to give concrete learning content to enable institutions and individuals to deliver education in an effective manner.

Our Products

Wisemen Publications has embarked on an ambitious educational program aimed at meeting the requirements of children learning. Our publishing programs currently operate in three major areas: General Books, Children Books and School Education Books.

Pre-Primary School Books

We provide Pre-Primary School Books for Nursery, UKG, LKG which aims at developing basic yet important learning of children while laying the strong foundation for future.

Nursery Rhymes, English Nursery Rhymes, Rhymes for Children, Rhymes for Kids

Primary School Books

We cater to curriculum requirements of Indian schools preparing students for the various examination boards, including the CBSE and ICSE.

General Books

We offer a rich, vibrant and varied General books. Enter into the world of creativity and imagination with our general books i.e. World Classics, Story Books, Language Building books and baby record book.

William shakespeare short stories